The German HavarienKomando used The Drone Inspection for prevention of danger and clarification of the accident situation. Drones and Pilots were provided by CONDOR International and Maritime Services (IMS). The UAV pilots operated from command ship and delivered sharp photos, live video, Thermal images of accident manoeuvrer in Kiel Fjord.


Various maritime units as well as aircraft were used for oil spill monitoring. But flight and underwater UAVs were involved in such manoeuvrer for first time. They test the possibilities and advantages of these high-tech systems in practice. The specialists of Condor IMS GmbH, which are part of Essen CONDOR group, were located on command ship MSZ Shahorn together with their UAVs.

From the birds eye view is the sea surface and oil film significantly better controlled than from the captains bridge. In addition, the GPS-assisted flight enables quicker and complete searching process of spill or other accident in the area.

In contrast to aircraft monitoring, Drones delivers sharp photos from near-by position, together with precise GPS data.Such images significantly reduce the risk for Rescue forces. In addition, the Drones can report the temperature data or level of gas concentration to the operational forces.