Company DRONE Profi Ltd. constantly ensures maximum safety together with minimizing restraints in the operation of the equipment during monitoring the facilities. The same holds true for the drone-based (pilotless quadrocopter) monitoring and inspection services for the power industry provided by our experienced specialists. Primarily it regards inspection of power plants, mining equipment, oil platforms, refineries, and others.

Benefits of using drone resources and OUR specialists for complex systems and construction:

  • Immediate implementation in case of emergency – operational efficiency
  • No risk of accidents, health and life threats for the inspection members
  • On-line visual inspection of the objects in the real time mode
  • Collection of the high quality visual documentation under difficult climatic conditions
  • Ability to measure emissions and releases in impossible to access vvplaces
  • Using thermography, night vision, other methods
  • Our specialists will prepare the detailed report on inspection and monitoring.
  • Cost-effective solution compared to traditional methods.


  • oil platforms, refineries, mining equipment
  • high-rise buildings
  • high-voltage pylons
  • external technical equipment of transmitters
  • photovoltaic power plants
  • enviromental inspections
  • during natural disasters, typically floods, fires


  • complex accidents
  • urban development plans of towns and villages
  • data for 3D models of town districts, etc.
  • cultivated areas in the agriculture
  • large buildings
  • wildlife population

We use both underwater drones and quadrocopters with mounted high quality camera, thermocamera, gas detection, laser scanning, spectrometer etc. Learn more on the equipment page.


Our specialists will prepare the detailed report on inspection and monitoring including detailed visual documentation. We can provide reports in English, Russian, Czech, Slovak or Spanish.



2000px-Exxon_Mobil_Logo.svg Inspection of the flare systems at the oil refineries in Sakhalin for ExxonMobil can be given as an example of one of the most complex drone operations and using the experience of our experts to full advantage.

report_textInspection and monitoring of the flare systems were carried out during the early summer, in the harsh environment of Sakhalin Island. Inspection and monitoring flights were followed by fog, rain and wind with speeds reaching 8-9 m/sec. Nevertheless, the order was successfully completed in the face of many difficulties.

Visual inspection and subsequent inspection with a thermographic camera disclosed some insignificant defects, which would be impossible to detect by traditional methods of inspection without interrupting the perations or deployment of much more expensive technologies.

Ignition equipment of the flare systems, corrosion of structure subject to higher thermal loads, quality of welded joints and other connections, wear of the outer shell, safety of railing, excessive thermal stress of the system components, and other components were inspected by drones.

On inspection completion the customer received the final report including inspection act together with comprehensive visual documentation.

Despite strict control and challenging climatic conditions, high accuracy and thoroughness of the monitoring was confirmed. It was successfully completed even in impossible to access during the normal operation the refinery places.